As an Intimacy Director and Coordinator I work in Theater, Film, and Television to foster a culture of consent, communication, and support. I work collaboratively with the director and actors to advance the story through choreographed movement direction. I work to ensure both the director's vision and the safety of actors are being maintained. With over a decade of professional choreography experience, I am deeply attuned to the complexity of directing bodies in space. I am trained as an intimacy professional through Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) as well as Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE). I currently serve as the Intimacy Director at Cal Arts School of Theater. 


How can an Intimacy Professional support your Production?

  • Acting as a liaison between the director, actors, and production to break down power dynamics 

  • Supporting the director's vision by advancing the story through movement

  • Advocating for actors to ensure their boundaries are being explicitly stated and upheld throughout a rehearsal/filming/performing process

  • Choreographing intimate scenes as highly specific and repeatable movement sequences, leaving no room for error or surprises

  • Desexualizing the process

  • Ensuring adherence to proper closed set protocols (as per SAG-AFTRA guidelines for film)

  • Assisting actors with modesty garments 

  • Making sure all nudity riders are being upheld

  • Providing informed and engaged consent

  • Checking in with performers throughout process to ensure they are feeling safe, comfortable, and able to perform

  • Serving as an advocate for LGBTQIA+ cast and performers

  • Ensuring intimate scenes look realistic


To read the new SAG-AFTRA Intimacy Coordinating Guidelines click here

I would love to collaborate with you on your next production and support your project. For all inquiries and rates e-mail me here

Photos of When Five Years Pass and Marabella by Alejandro Caminos