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Intimacy Choreographer, Coordinator, & Educator

Photos of When Five Years Pass and Marabella by Alejandro Caminos

Collaborate. Choreograph. Create

I work as an Intimacy Choreographer and Coordinator in Theater, Film, and Television to foster a culture of consent, communication, and support while filming or staging scenes of intimacy. I work collaboratively with the director, actors, and crew to advance the story through specific choreographed movement direction. I work to ensure both the director's vision and the safety of actors are being maintained. With over a decade of professional choreography experience, I am deeply attuned to the complexity of directing bodies in space. I specialize in LGBTQ representation and sexuality. I am trained as an intimacy director and coordinator through Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) as well as Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE). As per SAG-AFTRA guidelines I am certified in mental health first aid and bystander intervention. I currently serve as the Intimacy Director at Cal Arts School of Theater where I teach workshops in Intimacy Directing and stage scenes of intimacy for live productions. 


"Emily was a pleasure to work with. She immediately understood the project’s ethos and aesthetic and created a beautiful space in which the actors could craft moments of intimacy that were honest and that respected everyone’s boundaries. She was super flexible, adjusting her workflow to suit the needs of our process. I’m really grateful that she was part of this production!" 

Héctor Alvarez, Director of The Water Station

Photos of The Water Station by Alejandro Caminos

What is an Intimacy Professional?

An Intimacy Director/Choreographer stages scenes of intimacy in live theater/performance, much like a fight director stages scenes of violence. An Intimacy Coordinator stages scenes of intimacy in film and television, like a Stunt Coordinator does for fight scenes. As an Intimacy Director and Coordinator I collaborate with the director, crew, and actors to support the director's vision while maintaining the safety of actors. I view myself as a translator between the director's vision and the actors' boundaries so all intimate scenes can be done efficiently, look authentic, and feel safe. 


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How can an Intimacy Professional support your Production?








































SAG-AFTRA Intimacy Coordinating Guidelines

SAG-AFTRA Nudity & You booklet

Interview with Ita O'Brien, Intimacy Coordinator for Normal People & I May Destroy You

Interview with Intimacy Coordinator Yarit Dor

Hollaback Bystander Intervention

  • I conduct a comprehensive script breakdown and risk assessment to prepare for logistics between all departments. 

  • I meet with the director to discuss their vision and desires for all intimate scenes.

  • I meet separately with actors prior to staging/filming to discuss the scenes, facilitate informed consent, and go over their boundaries, questions, and concerns.

  • I put together all legal riders and paperwork to be signed by actors and production. 

  • I support the director's vision by advancing the storytelling through physical directions.

  • I facilitate an environment of consent by advocating for actors and ensuring their boundaries are being explicitly stated and upheld.

  • I choreograph intimate scenes using specific and repeatable sequences. 

  • I ensure adherence to proper closed set protocols.

  • I provide all necessary modesty garments and barriers.

I would love to collaborate with you on your next production and support your project!

 E-mail me for inquiries, rates, and initial consultations.

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