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I breakdown techniques for ethically directing, staging, and performing intimacy to effectively advance the story through movement.   

I teach educational classes and workshops in intimacy directing and intimacy coordinating for actors, directors, stage managers, producers, film educators, and theater educators. Whether you're an aspiring actor or extremely established, I take you through the most up to date practices for filming, staging, and performing scenes of intimacy. 

In these classes I cover the fundamentals of:

  • Establishing boundaries

  • Informed consent

  • Closure practices

  • Reporting

  • Choreographing Intimacy

  • Notating choreography

  • Nudity riders

  • Understanding and dismantling power dynamics within a rehearsal process


I breakdown techniques for directing, staging, performing, and notating intimate scenes to effectively advance the story through movement. You will learn the necessary tools for developing a consent-based process, setting boundaries, desexualizing the process, choreographing intimacy, and documentation. My classes seek to empower artists with the skills needed to efficiently, and effectively stage intimacy, nudity, and sexual violence. 

I currently teach Intimacy Direction at Cal Arts School of Theater. If you are a school or organization eager to bring intimacy education to you, please reach out and we can discuss how I can best support your goals. 

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