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Academic Courses:

I teach studio based classes in improvisation, composition, contemporary techniques as well as theory based classes in dance studies, critical dance writing, and dance history. 

Independent Workshops:

In addition to these courses, I teach independent workshops through various studios and platforms that I have developed through my research.


Choreographic Research Methods

Whether you’re working on a specific project or just want to learn tools and methods for how to conduct rigorous artistic research, this workshop will explore several practice-as-research methodologies to assist choreographers and performance makers. Participants will learn the tools necessary to conceptualize a research project from initial inquiry to its dissemination using the model of question, method, delivery, medium.  Using the feedback structure of observation, reflection, discussion, evaluation, recommendation we will collaboratively workshop each others projects.

Intimacy for the Apocalypse 

Intimacy for the Apocalypse asks: What are the new constellations, networks, and strategies for experiencing, sharing, and creating intimacy? This workshop experiments with methods for rehearsing for new ways of being in relation with ourselves and one another; these are methods for engaging with nonlinear time, iterative language, and emergent fractal thought patterns. These strategies allow us to not only disrupt, but transcend Western capitalistic logics of narrativizing, linearity, and individual identity. We will engage with micro movements, energetic tuning scores, and emergent text constructions to collectively develop a shared language which will serve as material to propose a new framework for intimacy grounded in emergence, slowness, and economies of attention. We do not know what will come next, or how we will get there, but we can allow it to radically unfold if we practice deep noticing.


Manifesting Hysteria: Finding a Liberating Practice

Using the twelve physical hysterical “symptoms” I’ve codified through my research into hysteria as a performance strategy, this workshop explores abstracting pathologized symptoms from their emotional and historical contexts to develop an embodied physical practice.