December 8-12 @ 8 pm 

Intimacy Director for Marabella at Cal Arts School of Theater, Directed by Charles Yee

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November 20, 2021 @ 8 pm

Curating First Draft at Junior High Los Angeles

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October 13-16, 2021

Teaching Intimacy for the Apocalypse Workshop 

Dance Studies Association (DSA)

Galvanizing Dance Studies Conference

Rutgers, New Jersey 



April 9+ 10, 2021 

How to Continue (Together) Premiere 


Friday 4/9 @ 6-7:30 pm PST

Panel Discussion: Where is the Body?

Facilitated by Emily Barasch in conversation with Moriah Evans, Anh Vo, & Estrellx Supernova

This discussion will explore expanded notions of the body inside virtual performance "spaces". We will discuss how locating the body in the liminal zoom space, leading to shifting possibilities for what intimacy looks, feels like, and how it can be accessed. How do we find each other across space and time and what are the technologies of emergent intimacies right now?

Saturday 4/10 @ 6-7:30 PST

Live Zoom Performance: How to Continue (Together)?

Choreographed by Emily Barasch in collaboration with Sanchita Sharma and Miya Shaffer with original sound design by Isaac Silber. 

The performance utilizes the liminal in-between zoom space to co-create a new world together. We engage with micro movements, energetic tuning scores, and emergent text construction to collectively develop a shared language which serves as material to propose a new framework for intimacy grounded in emergence, slowness, and economies of attention. We do not know what will come next, or how we will get there, but we can allow it to radically unfold if we practice deep noticing. This work is a rehearsal for new ways of being in relation with ourselves and one another; these are methods for engaging with nonlinear time, iterative language, and emergent fractal thought patterns.

Zoom Link:  https://ucla.zoom.us/j/92290911792

Project Website:  https://erbarasch.wixsite.com/mysite


May 7, 2021

Presented How to Continue (Together)? Research Talk

Queer Intimacies: Community, Control, Resistance Conference at UCLA


Sunday March 14 @ 1 pm PST

Facilitated Intimacy for the Apocalypse Workshop via Freeskewl

January through March 2021

Taught Improvisation at UCLA Department of World Arts & Culture/Dance

September through December 2020

Taught Composition at UCLA Department of World Arts & Culture/Dance

July 2020

How to Continue Together Video Instillation, Gulbeinkian Museum Lisbon, PT


January through July 2020

PACAP Residency at Forum Dança, Lisbon, PT


November 8, 2019

Until It Becomes Dancing a Split Bill with Emily Barasch and Levi Gonzalez

Highways Performance Space Los Angeles, CA

September through December 2019

Teaching Art as Social Action at UCLA Department of World Arts & Culture/Dance

July through September 2019

In Residence at Ponderosa in Stolzenhagen, Germany

July 2019

Hysterical Realness performed at Performance Studies International in Calgary, Candada

June 2019

Attended Encuentro, Hemispheric Institute for Politics and Performance in Mexico City, Mexico

June 2019

EggJoy Premiered at Kaufman Hall, UCLA

May 2019

Pussy Balloon performed at the High Voltage Series at The Electric Lodge, Los Angeles, CA

December 2018

Queering the Male Gaze: Loie Fuller and Remaining Unmarked Published on Practices in Hysteria

September 2018

Premiere of Hysterical Realness at Sozo-Visions in Motion, Kassel, Germany

August 2018

In residence at Atelier Real in Lisbon, Portugal


June 2018

Commissioned Premiere of Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams at Sozo-Visions in Motion, Kassel, Germany

January 2018

Residency at Stellwerk in Kassel, Germany

December 2017

Priemere of How to Put your Uterus in Place at Sozo Visions-in-Motion in Kassel, Germany 

September 2017-September 2018

Participant in PReS (Post graduate Research Residency Studies) at Sozo Visions-In Motion in Kassel, Germany

August 2017

Colonizer as Decolonizer: Jérôme Bel on Resistive Acts of Choreography Published on Cult Plastic 

June 2017

I just want to keep what we're doing until next year performed at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY as part of WAX Works 

May 2017

I just want to keep doing what we're doing until next year performed at BAX in Brooklyn, NY

October 2016

On the Bizarre Senselessness of it all//and other definitions of the world crazy performed at GreenSpace in Queens, NY

August 2014

The Dominos Fall Quickly Published on The Feminist Wire